About us

Hey look, it's the long version of the thing you saw on the front page! We're nerds. We sell coffee. You have heard this before. So, what makes us different? Three words: Roast To Order! What does this mean you ask? It means that until you place your order, we aren't roasting. It means your delicious coffee isn't sitting in some warehouse, store, or mother's basement getting old. The only time it's sitting is when it's getting shipped to you! Allowing for the freshest most delicious coffee beans one can order straight to your doorstep.

To add icing to this delicious cake, our coffee supply comes Farm Direct straight to our Roaster! From Uganda to Peru, Bali to Mexico, you have the world's coffee right at your finger tips! (Become a World Coffee Connoisseur!)


Animal Staff

Nap Manager

Branch Manager

Assistant Branch Manager

Human Staff


Brent Gessner -- Main 8-Bit focus: Business and financial relations, concept development. Non 8-Bit life: Geneticist by day, streamer by night. I know what you're thinking... who better to found a nerdy coffee business than someone who generally nerds out in ALL areas of life!? Brent is a laid back guy who enjoys being active, rock climbing, reading, and spending time with friends.


Zach Werkman -- Main 8-bit focus: Graphic design wizard. Non 8-Bit life: OMG he actually works in graphic design... that's right folks, this coffee merchant superhero has no alias! Zach is a friendly dude who is usually the life of the party wherever he goes. He enjoys bringing people together for all types of activities, from board game nights to intramural sport teams - and everything in between!

Twitch Influencers


xChiitos -- Your favorite Red Panda loving streamer. Plays Apex Legends, Code Vein and Teamfight Tactics


NoxDiem -- Plays a Variety of FPS and Action RPGs. Mainly Valorant, Lost ark, Final Fantasy VII: The First Solider and Apex Legends.


LoveDruid -- A Lover of RPGs and survival games. You will find her playing Stardew Valley, Valheim, Timberborn and more!