Become a World Coffee Connoisseur!

Become a World Coffee Connoisseur!

Want to taste the coffees of the world but too lazy to leave your couch? Don't worry, we’ve got you covered! Our Coffee supplies ensure you get to try the wonders of all that is coffee: From Africa, Central and South America, all the way to the Lesser Sunda Islands in Maritime Southeast Asia.

Rougish Charm is a Bali Blue Moon Coffee that brings you into the jungles of Bali, Indonesia, specifically from the volcanic region of Mount Agung in the Kintamani highlands! Water systems built a 1,000 years ago still provide the nourishment that feed the plants in the area and give them their unique blue color before being roasted. 

  • Certification/Grading: Organic
  • Origin: Kintamamani Highlands of Bali, Indonesia
  • Growers: Smallholder farmers from Kintamani
  • Variety: Bourbon, Typica and Catimor
  • Harvest:  May - October
  • Altitude: 1,200 - 1,600 M
  • Soil: Volcanic Loam
  • Process:  Hand picked, wet-hulled and 2-step drying on raised beds.
  • Flavor Profile: Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Brown Sugar
  • Roast level: Medium Dark (Full City) 



Paladin's Light: This coffee comes from small farm co-ops, of Peru each being a few acres run by indigenous people who follow organic farm management practice by intercropping shade trees, bananas, corn, beans, and coffee. They carefully harvest and sort the coffee cherries before depulping, fermenting, washing, and drying the coffee using their own micro-mills.

  • Certification/grading: Fair Trade, Organic
  • Origin: Piura, Amazonas, Peru
  • Growers: Cooperativa Agricola de Servicisios Norandino
  • Variety: Caturra, Bourpon, Catuai, Pache, & Catimor
  • Altitude: 1,100-1,700  
  • Soil: Clay minerals
  • Harvest: April - September
  • Process:  Gully washed and dried in the sun
  • Flavor Profile: Salted caramel, silky sweet, citrus
  • Roast level: Medium  



Beast Shape: MexicoChiapas - The hot, tropical climate of this region has great growing conditions and produces a fairly consistent output. Volcanoes in this region have provided fertile soil that delivers nutrients to the coffee plants, helping them flower.

  • Oaxaca - In the southern state of Oaxaca, from the southern slopes of the central mountains, the Oaxaca coffee is cultivated.
  • Certification/grading: European Prep, Organic
  • Origin: Chipias and Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Growers: Coffee growers from Chiapas and Oaxaca
  • Variety: Typica, Criollo, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Caturra
  • Altitude: 900-1,000 M
  • Soil: Clay minerals and Volcanic Loam
  • Harvest: November to March
  • Process:  Fully washed and dried in the sun
  • Flavor Profile: Chocolate, cinnamon, green apple.
  • Roast level: Medium 


Bardic Inspiration: This Breakfast Blend is a smooth blend of specialty grade Arabica beans from South America. By roasting this blend at 425f we create a coffee that works both with cream added or straight black.


Action Surge is a 6-bean blend that spans across the continents of Africa, Central America, and South America. Truly a world's coffee! It also sports a ratio of 85% to 15% specialty grade Arabica and Robusta in order to provide both flavor and that extra kick of caffeine to survive the day! 


Stillness of Mind: See Action Surge, use a Swiss Water decaffeination process and Ta Da! Decaf Coffee! 


Relentless Rage: Cowboy Blend is a mix of medium roasted and dark roasted coffee. 


Upcoming Coffee: 

Uganda brings the flavors of the Mountain Elgon. The locals believe that god lives on Mt. Elgon - far beyond where people venture - and that when he is happy, he delivers rain to the bountiful gardens clinging to the mountainside.  Arabica is the coffee bean of choice here and is normally inter-cropped or grown alongside other crops such as bananas and beans.

  • Certification/Grading: Organic, UTZ Rainforest Alliance
  • Origin: Sipi, Mt. Elgon, Uganda
  • Growers: Smallholder farmers from the Bugisu region 
  • Variety: Blue Mountain & Bugisu
  • Harvest:   December - February
  • Altitude: 1,500 - 2,500 M
  • Soil: Volcanic Loam
  • Process:  Fully washed & sun dried 
  • Flavor Profile: Fruity, Lemon, Apple, Caramel
  • Roast level: Medium