We're nerds. We sell coffee. You have heard this before. So, what makes us different? Three words: Roast To Order! What does this mean you ask? It means that until you place your order, we aren't roasting, and your coffee isn't sitting in some warehouse, store, or mother's basement getting old! Allowing for the freshest coffee one can order straight to your doorstep.

To add icing to this delicious cake, our coffee supply comes Farm Direct straight to our Roaster! From Uganda to Peru, Bali to Mexico, you have the world's coffee right at your finger tips! (Become a World Coffee Connoisseur!)


Check out our new Easter eggs, Koi Fish and Arceus Pokeball!

The Easter eggs will brighten up any room and are a wonderful addition to your decor. Perfect for Easter egg hunts that brighten up the house and also make for a great toy afterward!

Our koi fish are great for decorating your desk! You can
even use them as Maracas! These koi fish do it all and more! Each beautiful fish feature 13 moving parts and are sure to brighten up any location they find themselves!

Don’t forget about the Legends of Arceus Pokeball! This wonderful work of art is a fully 3D printed Pokeball that comes in two color styles original and Hisuai. The balls are roomy and can hold snacks, treats, and precious items.

From Pokemon lovers to friends and family, these new items will make great gifts for all!

Get them now at: EASTER for 15% off Store wide, EASTER3D for 25% off 3D printed products